Since 2005, Success Trek has been helping companies to strengthen from within. Small to mid-sized businesses contact us when they are getting ready to take their business to the next level or in times of rapid growth. We provide solutions and ongoing support that assists everyone and everything working better together.



For THERESA VALADE, CEO and founder of Success Trek ® Inc., it is all about the search for the missing puzzle piece in the workplace. She applies a meticulous attention to detail and a rock-solid work ethic to every client project.

Theresa’s expertise includes working in operations management in various industries. Her hands on experience and education, Bachelor of Science from Purdue University and MBA from Indiana University Northwest, benefit her clientele when managing internal growth, developing productive teams and improving workflow processes.

Theresa has a keen ability to identify and isolate deficiencies in operational processes and systems, individual and team dynamics, workflow practices and procedures. Based on her findings, Theresa recommends best-fit solutions. She then guides companies back on the path to productivity and profitability.

Theresa is an active professional member of the Society of Human Resources and the Association of Talent Development. She also serves on several civic and non-profit boards as an organizational change and leadership development expert. Theresa is a published author for She is also recognized as a dynamic speaker. Theresa educates companies and organizations when speaking on topics related to workplace issues that occur at the organizational, team and individual level.

Theresa Valade, CEO

VALERIE VEDRON, Office Manager

For VALERIE VEDRON, Office Manager with Success Trek® Inc., keeping operations on track and on budget is her key to successful project management.

Valerie has a strong background in the financial industry. Drawing on that expertise she is able to devise operating cost reduction strategies and process improvements for the companies we work with.

Valerie also has extensive experience in all facets of the hiring process which is an added benefit to our clients. Furthermore, she provides valuable and experienced input in the areas of employee relations, compliance and accounting.

Success Trek clients appreciate Valerie for her exceptional communication skills, accuracy, quality and timely completion of projects. Her attention to detail and ability to prioritize continually ensures client satisfaction and success.


SUSAN DZYACKY, Director of Technical Writing

For SUSAN DZYACKY, Director of Technical Writing with Success Trek® Inc., she has a passion for organization and problem solving that makes her an exceptional Success Trek team member. Success Trek clients benefit from Susan’s unique ability to author and create customized training materials, manuals and procedures that cover all the bases.

With a master’s degree from Loyola University of Chicago, a twenty-five year background in healthcare management, Susan is a published author in numerous professional journals. As a Success Trek team member for nearly nine years, Susan brings her technical writing and analytical talents, organization and planning, operations and workflow management skills to the workplace.

Susan's personal philosophy aligns with Confucius who said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." She has found the ideal creative outlet in delivering solutions to businesses and organizations that engage with Success Trek to get back on track to growth and sustainability.


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