Managing Work and Family: It’s a Delicate Balance

  May 1, 2016

“46% of working men and women reported that their job demands interfered with their family life”


Employees are spending more time at work today than ever before. This is having a devastating effect on families and communities.

Work interferes with family more often than the other way around.1 We spend most of our day dealing with job stresses. The best and most energetic part of who we are is spent at work. As a result, the first thing that suffers is our family. Our loved ones get the leftovers.

Too many workplaces haven’t done a good job keeping up with this issue. So many employees are choosing to work with companies that offer some help to balance work and family stresses.

According to The Council of Economic Advisers, more companies are implementing policies that create workplace excellence while strengthening families and communities. Those organizations are seeing increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, greater employee satisfaction, lower turnover, and even higher stock prices.

Here’s the truth. Happier employees are not only more efficient but also produce higher quality work.

How do you help create workplace excellence in your company? Whether you’re an employee, manager, CEO, or owner, join us for the upcoming Workplace Excellence Blueprint program. You’ll get new ideas, strategies and programs to bring your company to the 21st Century.


Workplace Excellence Blueprint

Theresa Valade, CEO of Success Trek Inc., and Britta Neinast, Workplace Coach, have teamed up to help bring your business to the 21st Century.

Their program—Workplace Excellence Blueprint—will give you specific strategies and tactics to solve the growing epidemic of balancing work and family.

This program is ideal for individuals and leaders, who are ready to communicate better, resolve conflict and lead with confidence.

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