Are you like the world’s top 200 companies? We bet you are.

  March 1, 2015

Recently I read in INC magazine that the world’s top 200 companies lose 10% of their annual profits to managing complexity. Not overcoming, but managing.

This doesn’t surprise us here at Success Trek. It’s not just the top 200 companies that struggle with this. It is one of the most common reasons organizations turn to us for help in getting back on track. Somewhere along the way, a process or strategy has become over complicated. Added steps, overlaps or gaps are often the wayward offspring of perceived creativity and innovation by ambitious leaders who lack a clear, strategic plan.

By providing an outside perspective, we quickly identify the kinks in the system and partner with you to realign priorities, reorganize design or implement a clear plan of action for sustainability and profitability. In a nutshell, we make what seems difficult, simple.

One area that gets complicated is hiring talent. We worked with the Alpha Phi Foundation search committee to streamline and simplify their hiring process by utilizing the Attribute Index tool. The AI identifies strengths and weaknesses in a way that complements traditional personality and skill assessments. It is valuable in candidate selection because it measures those traits and/or abilities that directly relate to what is needed to perform a particular job. It complies with the EEOC requirements since it does not identify or discriminate against different racial origins, sexes or ages.

How much do complications cost you?

The Alpha Phi Foundation search committee was able to quickly select a qualified candidate to fill a custom designed role. Through a combination of the Success Trek AI talent assessment and search committee input, they simplified the hiring cycle and were able to utilize talent already within their network.

Has your hiring process become too complicated? Ask yourself if your company is:

Looking for a fast way to discover employee talent

Spending too much time and money on recruiting and selection

In need of team and individual development

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