Stop Waiting for Your Manager to Give You What You Need

  October 1, 2016

71% of Employees feel managers don’t spend enough time explaining goals and plans.”

PDP Solutions

When you don’t understand your company’s strategy, you’re missing information you need to succeed:

  1. Knowing where your company is going
  2. Understanding how your job fits into the strategy
  3. Getting clear on your important priorities and challenges
  4. Seeing how you can grow with the company

Is your manager overloaded or not a good communicator? Then you need to start the conversation. Here’s the irony: the more you make it about your boss, the more he will be interested in helping you. Use these simple questions to start getting what you need.

What Do You Want Our Department to Achieve this Year?

When you’re uncertain about your group’s plans and goals, this gives you insight into what’s motivating your manager in the near-term. Then you can prioritize your responsibilities.

What’s the Most Important Thing Your Supervisor Cares About?

Learn what’s on the mind of the next level of management. You’ll get a sense of the company’s overall direction, which could create opportunities for you to work on projects that advance it (and get some recognition from others in addition to your manager).

What’s Your Biggest Problem and How Can I Help?

This isn’t brown nosing: it’s getting intelligence. For example, if you know your manager is struggling with increasing sales, then you can share feedback on products or services customers tell you they want. You’ll be seen as a strategic thinker—and get a warmer reception to your ideas.

What Should I Start Doing? What Should I Stop Doing? What Do I Do Well and Should Keep Doing?

You don’t have to wait for performance review time to get feedback. This shows your interest in improving. It also allows you to tie requests for resources (time, staff or money) to do what your manager has suggested.

Could Your Company Use Help Improving Communication Between Employees and Managers? That’s What We Do.

Discover how you can help your manager look good while implementing your company’s strategy. You’ll look better—and have more opportunities to advance—too!

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