Rick Richards

  May 5, 2017

“No one wants uncertainty in their lives, but in the current economy in Northwest Indiana, uncertainty is all around us. And for far too many of us – including myself – uncertainty has been something we’ve had to deal with on a day to day basis. With uncertainty comes confusion and clutter when making personal and professional decisions, and removing that clutter takes someone who has experience in dealing with uncertainty. That’s why I sought out Theresa Valade of Success Trek.Prior to our hour-long complimentary session, Theresa provided me with thought-provoking questions to consider so she could get a better sense of my particular circumstances. We then met in what I would describe as a relaxing, one-on-one session, where Theresa methodically began mapping out ways for me to move beyond my uncertainty through better organization and by creating a plan with specific action steps. The steps were simple, really, but I was too overwhelmed with my day-to-day business to see a simple way out. During our complimentary session, Theresa began to show me that way without pressuring me to work with Success Trek in order to get there. While I chose not to work with Success Trek at that time, I came away from their complimentary session with practical tips for clearing the clutter, and a better sense of where I was and what I had to do to get where I wanted to be. Success Trek’s complimentary session is truly complimentary. Theresa gave me her time and the benefit of her experience with no strings attached.”