Tracy Traut

  May 5, 2017

I was first introduced to Success Trek’s work at a fundraiser for Leadership Northwest Indiana, where I bid on a 45 minute coaching session. At that time, I needed to work on my resume, so I figured I’d get a couple of sample resumes and we’d be done, but that didn’t happen.
Theresa did look at my resume, gave me examples and explained ways to do it. But then she gave me a whole packet to look at to help me think about where I was going and what my goals were. That was all included within the 45 minute coaching session.
I never felt like Theresa was trying to sell her services. She truly let me lead where I wanted to go, and through that session I realized that I was unclear about my goals and that was why I was having such a hard time writing my resume.
Ultimately, I became a client of Theresa’s, but that was only because I recognized that I needed her services, not because she was “selling” them to me. I’m thrilled to have had the 45 minute session because it made me realize that I needed to invest in me by taking the time to determine what goals I want for my life and I made a financial contribution to a cause that I support!