Oh No You Didn’t! – 4 Ways to Diffuse Disrespectful Situations

  July 10, 2017


If this is happening to you,

  1. Take an inventory of the situation by writing down actions you can control and actions you cannot.
  2. Mentally ‘let go’ of all those things you can’t control.
  3. Focus on what you can control and map out the steps you are going to do next to help resolve the situation.
  4. Take the time and space necessary to decrease your emotions and objectively think through your next realistic step.

You have a choice to stay in misery or happiness. What will you choose?


If you observe a disrespectful situation,

  1. Approach the individual and talk through what you are observing.  “I am sensing that you are struggling with your working relationship with _____? Are my observations correct?”
  2. Once you gain more clarity on situation, help them ‘think out loud’ about the next best to take to help them overcome the obstacle.
  3. If the person is unable to talk through the situation, suggest connecting at another time to check in more regularly.
  4. Listen to your gut. If you sense something is not right, keep the conversation going.
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