Recognizing employees goes deeper than dollars

  May 29, 2018

Does your organization have a reward and recognition program in place? Recognizing talent takes small steps, doesn’t require major expenditures, and has a BIG, three-pillar impact: According to WorkStars, 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated. “The common denominator that I’ve found in every single interview is that … Continued

Success Trek welcomes Paige Mosher!

  May 1, 2018

May 1 , 2018 For Immediate Release: Success Trek Welcomes Paige Mosher Born and raised in South Texas, Paige Mosher and her family traded the warm gulf breezes to Northwest Indiana in November 2002, lake-effect snow and all. Paige, as well as her entire family, was in the maritime industry in the administration of the … Continued

All Onboard! 3 Signs Onboarding Needs to Be Fixed

  April 30, 2018

New employees decide within the first 30 days whether they feel welcome in the organization. Additionally, 1 in 25 people leave a new job just because of a poor (or no) onboarding program. (SHRM Statistics courtesy of If new employee turnover is adding stress to your organization, one way to curb that is to … Continued

Learn More About The Training Gap

  April 12, 2018

POLL:  Did you undergo training in your current position at your company? A. I wasn’t “trained,” I was thrown to the wolves on my first day.That’s normal, though… right? B. Osmosis, baby! I followed someone for a while and watched what they were doing. C. I could probably still use a little training… D. I … Continued

Time to Revise These 3 Training Lies [Fact vs Fiction]

  March 29, 2018

58% of managers reported they haven’t been given actual management training.* Yikes. Despite hiring candidates who would likely be great leaders, we aren’t taking the steps to train them on actually leading a team. This training gap gets costly. According to the Association for Talent Development, companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher … Continued

You Need These 5 Work-Life Balance Tips

  March 7, 2018

The last time I addressed work-life balance was back in May 2016 in a post titled, “Managing Work and Family: It’s a Delicate Balance,” one of our most popular topics to date. I’d reported that 46% of workers complained they lacked balance. The 2018 poll I reviewed today showed staggeringly that this number has climbed to … Continued

Want Harmonious Work Relationships?

  February 14, 2018

With Valentine’s Day bringing up thoughts of relationships, we thought it was the perfect time to share how to foster more harmonious relationships in the workplace. And one of the most effective ways to have better relationships at work? Empathy. Do you think of yourself as an empathetic person? Have you ever thought about what … Continued

Are emails making you crazy?

  January 18, 2018

Poor communication has been a major reoccurring challenge for our clients. We want to help you manage your email better in 2018. We’re all inundated with emails, aren’t we? Even though email helps us run our professional lives, it can also, very literally, run your professional life. “Just one more email – and then I’ll … Continued

Improve Communication In Your Team [TIPS]

  January 18, 2018

With the Holiday Season barely behind us, the beginning lyrics of the song, “Do You Hear What I Hear…?” playing on radios and in retail stores has been ringing in my head, causing me to think about communications in the workplace. Today’s workplace employs multiple generations, with different verbal and writing styles, plus a variety … Continued

Why Corporate Giving *Needs* to Be a Priority 🎁

  December 12, 2017

Instead of giving gifts, every year, we make a conscious choice to give back to organizations in our community. Among them is one of our clients: Valparaiso YMCA. They transform lives through Healthy Living, Social Responsibility, and Youth Development. To get a behind-the scenes peek at our work together, click here to watch an exclusive … Continued