Three Things You Can Do to Make Your Employees Happier

  July 1, 2016

“65% Say – Respectful treatment of employees at all levels is the #1 contributor to employee satisfaction.”

A 2016 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) discovered that respect beat out compensation, benefits, job security and trust between employees and senior management/opportunities to use your skills and abilities at work.

Here’s the tough news. Only 38% of employees believe they are treated respectfully.

The Harvard Business Review has these suggestions on how you can improve this at your company, to which we’ve added specific examples:

  1. Spend time getting to know your people. “As a person’s power increases, their trustworthiness goes down.”
    Consider beginning each day by walking around and talking to your team. Ask how they’re doing, what they are working on and how you can help.
  2. Be transparent and truthful. Talk about your company’s goals and its health—which can address people’s job security concerns.
    If you’re facing a tough time, say so: “We’ve all seen changes in our industry that mean customers may be buying fewer products/services from us. We want to keep everyone working here. So we’ll have to work together to keep our costs down and take steps out of some processes. Doing that will mean we not only get through this, but come out of it in better shape.”
  3. Encourage rather than command. No one likes to be told what to do, so motivate people instead—because now you know they really want to use their skills and abilities on the job.
    Ask your people what they love to do best in their jobs, and what skills and talents they know they can use but aren’t yet. Then discuss how they can do more of this.

The bottom line is that you need to get out of your office and talk to your people. Both of you will probably be pleasantly surprised with what you discover!

Find out how working with an organizational development (OD) professional can help improve employee satisfaction and workflow by reading For Best Results, Partner with Your OD Professional.

If we can do anything else to support you with better employee satisfaction, please let us know.

Here’s to having engaged employees who work with you—and your customers—to create better outcomes!

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